Refugee cramps

If you could do population management at a worldwide level, you would look at the current density and available resources, yes? That would be the most viable and survivable solution. Perhaps tweaked a little towards actual habitable land, because steep rocky mountains can be pretty hard to try and survive on. But that's besides the point; We're already at 508(!) humans per km2 in The Netherlands, in Canada by comparison that's 4 per km2, in the US it's 33 per km2, in France 106/km2, on Ibiza 227/km2 and in Denmark there are around 132 humans/km2. Just some examples. I find it absurd that not one world leader with half of a brain comes up with decent dividing of habitable land by now. Not even a proposition to that…

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Ja, het is zomer, hoort warm te zijn, maar dit laat de *afwijking* van het gemiddelde (van 1961 tot 1991) op dezelfde dag zien (vlak onder het wateroppervlak); en die streep daar links van Zuid Amerika, dat is het teken van een El NiƱo jaar in wording; Worst case scenario; Noordpoolijs weg in september 2020. Nog warmer water in Noordpoolgebied, teveel methaangas stijgt op uit permafrost, en dan is het nog 3 jaar voor abrupte exponentiele opwarming. De tekenen zijn er naar. Het experiment wat de mensheid zich denkt te kunnen veroorloven loopt ten einde. Ik weet niet of we nog op tijd zijn om het proces te stoppen (het moet zelfs worden omgekeerd, inmiddels..). Als u denkt van wel, dan kunt u reageren en uitleggen hoe.

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Rendabel, of toch niet?

Serieus, dat kon niet even worden opgeteld bij een komende rekening? Alleen al het papier, de inkt, de envelop, het vervoer ervan en de computer-tijd (dus electriciteit) die het ons kost om dit 'even' over te maken komt al ver boven die 1,50 uit, dunkt mij. Oh wacht, ze zijn bang de rente erover mis te lopen. Wat een fucked-up systeem!

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Old-school abandoned software remains alive and kicking

The TrueCrypt 7.1a disk-encryption software was audited. Meaning its code was fully analyzed and entirely taken apart by independent parties and I'm with Steve Gibson when he concludes: "I'm staying with TrueCrypt". Also, if Matthew Green says he keeps on using it the way he always did, I'm feeling pretty damn safe in Snowden-land about my old-school use of the latest (free) TrueCrypt. I use it in conjunction with CryptSync and BitTorrentSync to always have that encrypted drive with me on all my devices, that I can open as a virtual disk using TrueCrypt. On that disk I store my top-secret stuff, and my mozilla firefox and mail profiles. By the way; Yay! My good old weblog is up and running again. I intend to move a lot…

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Problem updating openssl with debian 6 against heartbleed-bug

As usual, Debian is too slow releasing updates, let alone backports to older OS versions, like debian 6 (squeeze) or older. So with them old OS-es you're stuck with old openssl crap through apt-get update, and standard install from source will *not* update a previous apt-get installed openssl! Still want to update to 1.0.1g or later? Here's how it *does* work: Check the link for the version that says [LATEST] over here. Currently that means you need to do # wget # tar xfz openssl-*.tar.gz # cd openssl-* # ./config --prefix=/usr zlib-dynamic --openssldir=/etc/ssl shared enable-ec_nistp_64_gcc_128 It then asks you to do make depend, which you should, and you follow with the usual: # make depend # make # make install and then you can check the version…

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Terrorism by the NSA/GCHQ

Let's get "The Files" so we can get on with our illegal secrecy, abuse, surveillance, drone-strikes and war-crimes! Let's grab people's laptops & data storage devices at borders, because there is NO WAY files can cross borders, can be moved, distributed, stored, encrypted online or via 'clouds' even! In what age are these idiots living anyway? The Internet is an $11 trillion a year economy, and you've sacrificed it on the altar of hegemony. Good fucking job, America.

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