Is time a simulation?

A while ago, posed the question; “Is Our Universe A Fake?“. In that question it already puts “our” universe next to others, like it has to be plural. Anyhow, the question doesn’t really get answered by any of the ‘experts’ questioned in the article, they’re merely hypothesizing. Something amiss in all views, if you ask me; That UK Astronomer (Martin Rees) misses the fact that if our universe as a whole would be a simulation, the time-factor could be as well. Or at least our experience of space and time would be, so those 5 billion years are only that long in this sim, not for the controlling entity. But then again, if we would be (part of) a sim of some other advanced being, why would that being even want to make one or even have reasons or motives to remain in existence? I think that final question, “why is there something instead of nothing?”, and the simple fact that we can bring our minds to ask ourselves that question is proof we’re not a sim of another being that would ask itself that question, because that would be a boring endeavor. That superior being would -no doubt- want to know the answer, and we’re definitely not providing answers for that prime being, or for the ones assuming they’re the first that ever were. “Time is just a window someone forgot to close.” is therefore not an option. Either time itself is the sim, or the prime being, perhaps?
But Kraus, “just wait, it won’t be for long” still does in no way answer anything, since time also came into existence from that nothing, according to your view(s), so there would be no “just wait”, since waiting implies time was native in the nothing. You really avoided answering why there had to be something rather than not. The fact that ‘laws of physics’ imply that nothing doesn’t ever remain in its nothing-state really is not an answer at all, it’s an escape route, satisfying our question with more bullshit added to it. Our bullshit may as well entirely be a simulation of some entity to see how we would fare in answering the why of existence. A now angry being that did this because it itself needed the answer to why it exists rather than not. “We may never know” is not enough, it’s a cop-out. The being of which we are in its simulated universe is unhappy with that answer, because you’ve answered it within the limits of laws you think caused us to exist. The question really is; How (and why) does empty space exist? It’s still “something”, even if it was there without time or space existing in it.

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  1. Joe Kaiser

    Why would it have to be Fake, or a “Sim”….why couldn’t it just be part of the fabric with space, determined by gravitation ?

    1. jult

      That assumes ‘the fabric with space, determined by gravitation’ isn’t simulated either. Why wouldn’t or couldn’t it be? Why should we have to assume that ‘gravitation’ is somehow a given that exists when there is something instead of nothing? Gravitation as a universal law on which everything else is based? The mere fact that we can simulate gravity by rotating an object while being inside that object says enough about how fairly easy simulation could be accomplished.

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