YouTube sneekily goes high quality

To fetch the higher quality version of a YouTube video, add &fmt=18 to the end of the URL, like this: current/old version, 320x240 resolution: high-quality (H.264) 480x360 version! -> low quality 320x240 resolution -> high-quality (Flash 9 required) YouTube seems to have converted 90% of all uploads. Audio is now double the samplerate (from 22.05 to 44.1 kHz), and stereo for the fmt=18 version (not the fmt=6 version!), but sound is being processed in a weird way. You can read here how all this got discovered by dtfinch, bayme and yawoo. All three are members of the videohelp forum, where discussion on YouTube quality is still ongoing. YouTube's timing is brutal by the way, since Stage6 is shutting down the 28th! Er zijn locaties,…

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Why did they have to call it "flickr" ?

I've been meaning to write this question online for years, and surprisingly nobody really ever dares to mention it. Obviously I do; Apart from the missing "e" of what should be called flicker, which looks like a really stupid mistake (artsy wanna-be trendy) or something, couldn't these asshats have checked the meaning of the word internationally before making it so big? Here's my wake-up call for the flickr team: Flickr sounds exactly like flikker, which is rather negative Dutch slang for gay, homosexual. You know, like: faggot, queer, fruit, fudge-packer, flower boy, pansy. What a tremendously foolish choice, you idiots! Honestly, flickr looks like a great service, except for the rosey-blue-white theme I don't understand at all, I'd rather have images hosted with a dark grey, dark brown,…

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Dear Death

We regret to inform you that your time has come. We, the living, have decided that there is no logical reason why we have to put up with you anymore and your "I'm just doing my job" line is played out. Haha, geniaal! Zie voor de rest van de brief de Fuck Death Foundation !

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Rechts heeft voorrang, lul.

Bericht voor die wanstaltig irritante stomme eikel die gisteren rond 18 uur hier op de Keizersgracht fietste, en "nou dat was erg duidelijk" durfde te stamelen, toen 'ie met zijn pompeuze rotsmoel ver over mijn doorgaande weg stond te aarzelen of 'ie voorrang wilde forceren door brutaal te zijn. Het was dat ik haast had om ergens naartoe te gaan, anders had ik je helemaal verrotgescholden, zoals een ware amsterdammer dat betaamt. Ik aarzelde, bij het voorrang waar ik recht op had nemen (uit de prinsenstraat komend), omdat jij, achterlijke gladiool, zo debiel was om alvast voorrang te claimen waar je dat niet had, en je asociaal over mijn weg heen duwde, fucking lul de behanger! Als ik (met de bij mij aanwezige snelheid) door was gereden lag…

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