Lord Commander Marmelade is losing it

Knowing there’s some states and mayors suing the Trump administration, I’m still flabbergasted at how lame and obedient everyone in trump’s surroundings seems to be. You can open your mouth, take some risk, refuse to follow orders, refuse to leave your job, just let these fools know you’re not going to join them in ruining the world like this. Ask your friend/colleague (who is probably thinking the same) to join you in that refusal. What are these men policing all this thinking anyway? That they’re protecting their offspring or families? Really, you think? Why are police officers, military personnel, marines, special forces, going down that road of being anti-intellectual dipshit robot-like slaves of destruction? For crying out loud, are they deaf or insane?

Iran has 150 *billion* barrels of (cheap) oil reserves ready to get out of the ground. 205 oil reservoirs, 92 natural gas reservoirs. Just sayin’. My guess is they’re also predicting that the longer they wait taking their oil, the hotter it gets over there. You can’t drill when it’s over 55C in the shade all year ’round.

It’s just such a waste of time and energy to have this total jackass leading the media and news all the time, with nothing but stupid (and they really *are* stupid) ideas, useless executive orders, attention-hungry lies, sensationalist propaganda, failures and non-stop face-palm material. Most annoying is the fact that we, humanity, don’t HAVE more time for messing around.

I’m with Jon Stewart, when he says “The presidency is supposed to age the president, not the public.

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