Old-school abandoned software remains alive and kicking

The TrueCrypt 7.1a disk-encryption software was audited. Meaning its code was fully analyzed and entirely taken apart by independent parties and I’m with Steve Gibson when he concludes: “I’m staying with TrueCrypt“. Also, if Matthew Green says he keeps on using it the way he always did, I’m feeling pretty damn safe in Snowden-land about my old-school use of the latest (free) TrueCrypt.
I use it in conjunction with CryptSync and BitTorrentSync to always have that encrypted drive with me on all my devices, that I can open as a virtual disk using TrueCrypt. On that disk I store my top-secret stuff, and my mozilla firefox and mail profiles.

By the way; Yay! My good old weblog is up and running again. I intend to move a lot of posts from facebook to this here site, because I don’t really like the way facebook archives and hides posts etc. Besides, the main reason I wasn’t posting/writing here was because my CMS was broken, it’s not anymore. Although the layout will be changed into something better the coming years 😉

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