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Millions (2004)
Unrealistic attempt at surrealism

How many of these movies will have to pass the big screen until ‘they’ will finally understand that nobody in their right mind would ever even consider burning free money? Plus the Damian-kid pretending that he really would ‘give it to the poor’ clearly can’t act. I had to fast-forward here and there because it was just too boring, and yes, even predictable. The overly religious saint-pushing education this movie tries to pull off is ridiculous. About the only refreshing part of the movie is the bin-girl, whom I would rather have liked to see a lot more of. Also, as is common with religiously tainted movies, we see a lot of blood, evil scary things and violence, yet not even half a nipple or ass of the bin-girl could be enjoyed to even it out a bit. Love and nudity are the forbidden sins, yet blood on hands and physically damaged hurting people are OK for the kids to look at.
Then there’s the dreaded accent I don’t think anyone will really like to hear, so quite honestly; I was glad when it was over. You’ll regret spending any money on this patriotic anti-euro flick.

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