Boxing Helena music score

OK, let’s give the searching spiders what they are looking for;
Anyone who has seen the movie Boxing Helena (and liked it) will soon discover that its soundtrack score isn’t for sale. In fact, you can’t even legally buy the CD anywhere. Some score pieces for Boxing Helena by Graeme Revell are the best I’ve ever heard (you can hear it when Helena is showering under the fountain at the party, among many other moments in the movie). People are trying hard to get a hold of the very rare CD that once came with the limited edition LaserDisc, but that DOES NOT have this music on it either! I phoned and e-mailed, begging his management and the creators of the movie about it years ago already, only to get replies like: “if you find someone who owns the CD, ask him/her to copy it for you, because we don’t have it anymore”. How foolish can they be, right? I was ready to pay good money for this music! How can one make a movie with music like that, and then not release its score?

As an appropriate ‘punishment’ you can now download the best part I could master out of the Boxing Helena score here. It’s sampled at 48 kHz because of the movie output (and me wanting to uphold maximum quality), so make sure your player deals with that correctly.

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  1. Net

    Hee Amsterdammer!
    Gister dacht ik dat ik je zag in Amsterdam, in een café-tje. Dus ik stapte op ‘je’ af en dacht toen al: toch niet! Anyway, ik heb hem doorgestuurd naar je site. 🙂

  2. Danny

    does anyone know the name of the song when helena steps into the water foutain and starts to dance in the movie boxing helena?

  3. Paige

    To frustrate us even further, MGM have changed the fountain music in the 2002 Boxing Helena DVD. It only plays now in the fantasy sequence when Helena tells Nick how to be a good lover.

    For those of you that are looking for it, the track in question is called ‘Fountain Song’ and the performer is credited as Wendy Levy.

  4. Paige

    Scratch my last comment which credited Wendy Levy as the performer. I bought a bootleg copy of the CD soundtrack and it turns out that ‘Fountain Song’ isn’t the track we’re searching for. It’s a completely different track.

  5. Philip

    Hi, what is the name of the song? I was to understand that it was called Fountain Song. Could you please share this with us, We would greatly appreciate it..


  6. jult

    There’s a 19 track expanded CD, and I think Philip already has one (ordered from Dennis in Singapore), but this CD *still* doesn’t have the actual “Helena in fountain at party” track on it.. (I too hoped it would, unfortunately it didn’t.)

    Knowing this now, I’ve decided to spend some more time restoring it out of the actual movie itself (make a direct demuxed audio-excerpt from the original DVD). I’ll put up the link to a new version of the song here next week (or earlier).

  7. Paige

    According to the end credits, the vocals for the score are by Bobbi Page. She has a website and I’ve sent her an email to see if she has any more info on the track.

  8. jult

    The saga (and surprise) continues:
    I found out that the DVD audio-score is different from the original movietheatre, VHS and TV-releases of the movie! (Well I’ll be damned.) Lynch(?) has kicked out the original fountain track and replaced it with Wendy Levy’s Fountain Song. On the DVD the only time this music is still in there is when Helena is teaching Nick how to make love, and it’s all mixed with other sounds. Now I have to find my old VHS and rip the sound from that..

  9. Maria

    Thank you so much!I tried to find it too long times.luvluvluv <3

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