Percussion (remake) – The Reel

Just some nice fast disco track for now :-) Restored from vinyl, not available on CD. This particular version is not even available anywhere, because I’ve completely restructured the thing to how I always would have liked it to sound.

Direct link to mp3.

Why is this a legal thing to do? Because when paid for, royalties would not end up in the hands of those who deserve them! By the way, just found out there are only 3 copies left of some other release of this track than the recording I used…

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  1. Jezus man, zit ik hier nou al ruim twee weken op te wachten? Snuit je neus eens lekker en maak weer eens zo’n legendarische lullige show aub. Hier krijg ik hem niet van omhoog hoor.

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