How I saved another old P4 laptop

It was running so terribly slow, flash-movies played back stuttering and the fans were blowing like crazy. I had already stripped Windows XP off unneeded parts and cleaned everything that could possibly need cleaning on this Toshiba notebook, I updated drivers, flashed BIOS, but it still ran as slow as the poop from my ass after eating white bread with bananas and cinnamon. ;-) Then I decided to install Tiny Windows 2000, without Internet Explorer, without Outlook Express, with driverpacks, straight from this DVD. Not only did it install fluintly on a second partition of the harddrive, this old satellite laptop is now quieter than it ever was before, even my external wifi things and USB stick seem to function smoother than they do in the original XP install (which is now the secondary choice at booting, with the third being pc-bsd). I installed all necessary and favorite software, totalcommander, winamp, firefox, adblockplus, windizupdate etc. and I just had to write this on my site about it. Concluding, I must say in all honesty:
If your laptop hardware is still entirely 32bit, and older than 2004, Windows XP still does not hold a candle to Windows 2000! I’m not missing a thing, all software works, and there may be very few features you got used to in Windows XP that are a little different, but overall, its speedy screen-updates and lean-and-mean clutter-free base is so comfortable and pleasant, I’m ashamed of myself for not doing this 4 years ago (right after I bought this Toshiba). The Win 2000 boot-option ends up being my most used OS on this laptop.

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