Samplerates in podcasts

OK, so Adam has switched to using 32 kiloHertz for his Daily Source Code. Hope this pushes more podcasters to do so ;-) because in my opinion 32 kHz is an ideal choice; It gives us a range better than that of FM-stereo (the EBU standard anyway).
First, just know about this. Basically it says that if you want to record a frequency range including 20 Hz to 16000 Hz tones, you’ll need a samplerate of 32000 Hz. It is actually quite simple if you think about how a waveform looks, it has a top, and a bottom side, and you’ll need two points of reference to interpret them, so double the highest frequency you want to hear.

Just a little advice to those who want to use 32 kHz for their podcasts; It is best to also record at the samplerate you want to deliver, so you won’t have to resample. And if you really need to, be sure to use a good resampling algorithm, with anti-aliasing. The one in the LAME mp3 encoder is actually really high quality, so it’s safe to sample down from 44.1 kHz, for example, using that encoder.

By the way; Always wanted to know how MP3 really works? Look here

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  1. Fluox

    Adam gaat heen en weer van 22 naar 32 kHz. Check in podfeed maar eens een paar DSC’s dan zie je dat ie zelf niet weet wat ie doet 😉

    Ik ben het roerend met je eens, ware het niet dat Flash nog steeds niet heeft uitgevonden hoe om te gaan met 32 kHz en dus de Podfeedplayer verneukt en een smurfenlied ten gehore brengt. VBR vanuit LAME slikt de Podfeed player wel, maar m’n iRiver laat nog wel eens rare bitscheten horen tijdens het afspelen. Het blijft modderen.

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