No Processing Like No Processing

The essence when I do finetuning for broadcasting is still: There’s no processing like no processing, hence the subject of this article. Luckily I’m not the only one understanding the value of quality audio processing. If you’re looking for an exclusive high-end sound for your broadcast-signal, do try this multiband DSP software by Alessandro Tomassini, and throw in my latest preset to use with SoundSolution version 1.31. It’s basically 25 years of field-experience (in FM-radio and audio as an engineer) put into one small file, and it won’t cost you a penny to use it ;-) This preset is the finest cleanest sound I got out of this software, all based on my experiences with Orban’s 8200FM, 8400, the Omnia-6 and a lot of lesser known hardware. The output can be your STL, so you can directly feed your stereo-coder with it, and since the signal is already digital, AES/EBU or SPdif are not a problem either.
– You can use soundsolution for live-signals with winamp as well, just add this plugin.
– SoundSolution is also great for running simulations at your home or your recording studio, to hear how your music/audio will sound when it is being aired.

By the way, if you need someone to work on your sound, your signal-path, your processing-chain, an actual transmitter or audio problem, or need help with your web-radio stream, streaming servers (even remotely), or want some advice about things relating to this, please contact me and I’d love to do some work for you. As you can understand from the paragraph above, I’m not expensive; A complete professional high-quality processing chain can be realized for.. eeh.. less than 1500 euro.

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  1. Hey Jult, kan ik deze plugin ook gewoon op de Mac gebruiken denk je? Dan ga ik het eens proberen

  2. Jimboe

    Ah, deze preset klinkt een stuk mooier dan een oudere van je die ik had geprobeerd. Heerlijk rustige setting. Voor een radioprogramma met engineer heerlijk, maar voor een DJ wel minimaal (maar das logisch)

  3. jult

    Ja, dank je. Punt met deze SoundSolution versie is dat de uitlezing niet altijd overeenkomt met wat er werkelijk gedaan wordt met het geluid. Microfoons hebben sowieso meestal een laagje extra nodig, dus die DJ regelt dat maar in de studio 😉

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