Disaster Recovery (Harddisk Forensics)

OK let’s get this straight:
Most big corporations building hardware and software are basically stupid and arrogant, and don’t think about the consequenses of their actions, which translates to a lot of customers being screwed.

What do I mean? Well, last monday I’ve lost access to one of my most important harddisks at home, and with that I’ve lost about 100 Gigabytes of valuable data. Yes, I’ve been busy trying to recover that data ever since, and I’m really pissed off about it, because not all of it was backupped. If you want to backup a 160 Gigabyte harddisk, you’ll need storage-space of at least that same size, which I did not have left anymore (of course, just my luck). During my quest for recovering my lost harddisk I’ve bumped into some interesting facts concerning large harddisks. What surprises me most is that I was not informed about this at the time I bought the disk. It seems rather crucial info for buyers of large harddisks, wouldn’t you say? Why aren’t they selling these disks with a notice on them, a warning would even be appropriate!
Let’s hope Western Digital and other brands are reading this. And if you are currently owning and using one of those 48-bit LBA storage-monsters, PLEASE, I urge you to make a backup NOW. Maybe even re-format your disk the right way, because if you won’t, trust me, you’ll be sorry afterwards…

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