All your oil are belong to US

OK, so I’m not pro-Bush, and I don’t like being lied to by ‘leaders’, but we have to understand that the US is no longer some kind of separate entity on this planet, we are part of the US, we see their movies, we watch a lot of TV from that part of the world, we listen to a lot of their music, and hell, we use software and hardware made in the US of A. They might lie to us about Iraq, but boy, do these islamic nutcases keep making fools out of themselves or what? Saying things like: “Now the monster they created is biting them back!” Oh and yeah, it should all be directed towards the free godless society we live in, and sure, allah does not mean us any harm. Come again? If anything is true here, the US is the nation that made us all one, one moon, one star, one network, one for all, all for one. Excuse me for seeing only one monster here; religion. The US has not created that monster, bibles and rather stupid people have. So here’s one to think about: Thank god there are over 50 million non-religious people in the USA 🙂
Yeah, you got me, this is actually an update of what I wrote on this site in October 2001. This site is not a so-called blog, it’s not even a diary. It’s a huge collection of stuff from my mind, which is becoming a wiki for my multiple personalities :-) I change things constantly, put the updated stories on top again and slowly adapt everything to what I want it to be like, I correct my mistakes, delete things that suck(ed), and slowly try to become a better person (OK, you believed me there for a minute, right?). Anyway, I updated some answers on the deliberately confusing FrequentlyAskedQuestions page. Go take a look and laugh at me why don’t you.

En ja, ik mis jou ook.

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  1. Don Juan

    Is zij wie ik denk dat ze is of is ze iemand die lijkt op degene waarvan ik denk dat ze is wie ze is?

    (Het is ook zo lastig om iets uit te leggen ha ha)

  2. jult

    Ze is ook blond, maar dat is het enige. Doe vooral diegene waarvan jij denkt dat ze is wie ze is de hartelijke groeten 😉

  3. Don Juan

    Zal ik zeker doen als ik haar tref

    Blondie rules!

  4. jult

    Zonder meer. De links en rechts uit-stekende oogwimpers moet je even wegdenken, die camoufleren haar ogen in dezen, maar blondes rule, ja 😉

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