Google does not seem to understand what email is about..

Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? Clearly Gmail use their Spam ‘detection’ as a non-stop alpha version test-system, there’s generally an alarming number of false positives in their Spam folder, or, wait, they don’t call it a folder, they *label* it as being spam.
I have been running my own mail-server(s) ever since the BBS/fidonet days in the 1990s, and I can assure you, the reader; I do know how email works, I know what each header in an email means, I know why and when it gets blocked, bounced, deferred, queued, tagged, blacklisted, you name it. Been there, done it all. And that’s why I’m so fed up with google’s attempts to monopolize the email-sphere by forcing all other mail service providers to jump through unpredictable hoops in order to avoid their false positive spam-tagging. Just because they’re a big name doesn’t mean they know how email works, in fact, most of their delivery-servers are blacklisted somewhere for a reason. Compare that with my score why don’t you.

Apparently Google wants the entire world to use Gmail, and Gmail alone. When you finally got used to their strange label- and filter-conventions, after years of sending each other huge attachments, Google forces you to pay for storage because now your mailbox is full. And they read your mail, for targeted advertising. So it’s all about the money after all! (You don’t say..)

Stop making yourself dependent on Google’s opinions, don’t use their servers for your email. Even if you do proper whitelisting, Google will randomly decide what to change whenever they like. Even if your sending domain has fully valid Reverse DNS (PTR) records for both IPv4 and IPv6, uses dmarc and DKIM, has a valid SPF record, a CAA record, uses DNSSEC, TLS everywhere, and has never sent out one spam mail, Google may still end up labeling your precious message as Junk. Maybe one day they decide they no longer trust or like the competition. This should be the common theme:
Use Gmail (or a google-domain), rely on Gmail, and be sure to miss important emails for life..

Severe blow to the free and open internet (for the average Jane&Joe)

So, Articles 11 and 13 have been approved by MEPs. Very bad news for the internet. Unless member states push back, Google News (among others) will shut down across the EU and all kinds of censorship mechanisms will become widespread. Creators and social media will not benefit.
Amazing how time and time again those sociopaths in powerful positions, when they see something that works well, they manage to fuck it all up.
GDPR also proved to be a disaster for internet in the EU but this will be even worse.
And, as always, apparently the MEP’s that voted in favor didn’t even know what they are really voting on, because the result will just be the total opposite of what they hoped to achieve;
– It will be the end of what was left of trust in main-stream media or social networks.
– The Onion Router network will improve, expand in functionality, gain A LOT of traction and new users.
– We will probably see new separate decentralized root-DNS appear, next to separate decentralized domain name registration systems, and secure tunneling inventions will explode. Let’s see how they like that.
– Mozilla Firefox will probably end up being the only browser working in favor of the user, not the corporation.
So maybe, for the users, this will be a good thing in the end, but it will be really hard and messy road getting there.

The unfathomable nonsense religion of ‘mining cryptocurrency’

Fun fact; Blockchain technology doesn’t require any mining AT ALL, no cracking hashes, no crunching of numbers.
Another fun fact: A good reliable functional cryptocurrency does not require mining AT ALL. It’s an insane idea brought forward by virtual value backed by nothing (about the same as the one behind the dollar and euro today), implying that one has to do ‘something special’ in order to create new currency. A so-called ‘proof of work’ consensus algorithm. Completely unneeded. Mining is a deplorable wasteful mechanism by which only retards think they ‘create value’. Mathematical and cryptography advancements have long surpassed any requirement of having to crunch numbers in order to ‘create’ new virtual currency.
Funniest fact: Bitcoin creation ends when a set amount of them has been created by mining, thereby proving how useless the concept of wasting energy, time and resources has been all along. Its value doesn’t just disappear after they’ve all been mined! Even bitcoin’s core mining software developer stated that mining wasn’t needed in order for BTC to function back in 2009. It was a silly fun idea, made up solely to make it look like you needed to do something in order to get rewarded that new currency. It’s a failed game of pretend, where too many idiots bought into compliance to that fake rule, and now there are entire datacenters dedicated to play along in that game. Yeah, go tell that to the idiots running and expanding such mining facilities like in the video above. The only reason this is (sometimes) lucrative, is because so many idiots fell for the joke and still take part in the game of pretend virtual ‘money printing’ businesses.
Pick any other cryptocurrency that does not require any mining to exist, and promote that over the use of BTC and mining will be a dead idea soon enough, if only for its ridiculous energy footprint. We could have cooled the planet with all those years of wasted energy. We could have extracted CO2 and pollutants and saved the oceans with all that ruined effort. But nooo, they’re still doing it, pretending they’re doing something ‘valuable’, and expanding their sick waste-generating figment of their imagination. Almost like a religion; As long as they buy into the bullshit value, idiots will think they can make a quick buck doing nothing but invest in mining resources.
So yes, I sincerely hope BTC’s value will sink to an absolute low and never go up again. Make these idiots feel how stupid they’ve been to invest so much energy, time and (scarce) resources in empty promises of a non-existing requirement for a new currency.