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How fed up is the public at large with this nuclear bullshit and these existential threats of the powers that be?

I’m surprised nobody ever started crowdfunding a hitman to eliminate *all* those who still perform nuke tests. These child-like ‘leaders’ keep thinking about these exploding bombs and tests as if there are walls surrounding them, as if they take place on different planets. We’ll all suffer the consequences, no matter where they’re being used. These nuke tests *already* impact the ozone layer and give rise to skin cancers worldwide, not to mention the local effects of radiation. They ruin all our motivations, incite depression, cause cancer, destroy future prospects for life on our planet. Would be interesting to see what happens if you’d crowdfund hits for this publicly. Should possible crimes against humanity be punished with the death penalty? Fighting fire with another very low casualties fire is probably the only option with these idiots. Jack Bauer would have chosen this in a heartbeat.

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  1. Howard


    On your page I think you meant to write ..(MB or.. rather than ..(Mb or.. (lower case b).

    Thanks for your useful page!

    Megabyte (Mb or MEG)

    As a measure of computer processor storage and real and
    virtual memory, a megabyte (abbreviated
    Mb) is 2 to the 20th power bytes, or
    1,048,576 bytes in decimal notation.

    1. jult

      Finally got around to correcting this. Thanks. Strangely though, many older magazines and books in the NL used Mb for Megabyte.

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