Severe blow to the free and open internet (for the average Jane&Joe)

So, Articles 11 and 13 have been approved by MEPs. Very bad news for the internet. Unless member states push back, Google News (among others) will shut down across the EU and all kinds of censorship mechanisms will become widespread. Creators and social media will not benefit.
Amazing how time and time again those sociopaths in powerful positions, when they see something that works well, they manage to fuck it all up.
GDPR also proved to be a disaster for internet in the EU but this will be even worse.
And, as always, apparently the MEP’s that voted in favor didn’t even know what they are really voting on, because the result will just be the total opposite of what they hoped to achieve;
– It will be the end of what was left of trust in main-stream media or social networks.
– The Onion Router network will improve, expand in functionality, gain A LOT of traction and new users.
– We will probably see new separate decentralized root-DNS appear, next to separate decentralized domain name registration systems, and secure tunneling inventions will explode. Let’s see how they like that.
– Mozilla Firefox will probably end up being the only browser working in favor of the user, not the corporation.
So maybe, for the users, this will be a good thing in the end, but it will be really hard and messy road getting there.

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