Je koopt tegenwoordig al een prima fiets voor 40 euro. En dat zijn dan betrouwbare tweedehandsen, vaak nog opgeknapt ook. Maar nee, er was weer zo’n kloothommel die het vanochtend nodig vond om de Puch van mijn vriendin in zijn busje te tillen toen ‘ie toevallig toch al grof vuil aan het plunderen was in Amsterdam Noord op woensdag 17 februari rond 7 uur. Voor de zekerheid even de details, mocht iemand iets herkennen, laat me weten (mail aan );
merk/model: Puch Elegance Plus Dames
bruin hard lederen zadel (dus niet het witte origineel zoals op de foto!)
– groen wit zilver gekleurd en bewerkt frame
– zwart hoog stuur
– zilverkleurige fietstassen achterop
– Versnellingen: N7 Naaf shimano

Er zit (zat ws. inmiddels) een yepp zitjeshouder onder de zadelstang, te weten: yepp-montageblok-voor-achterzitje-fietsstoeltje-aa

Als ik ooit iemand een fiets zie jatten moet je me echt tegenhouden! Te lui om iets anders te doen teneinde die 40 euro te verdienen. The lowest of the lowest, dat tinnef. Samen met inbrekers. Mogen ze wat mij betreft in een hol laten verrotten zonder water of brood, no mercy. De Raymond Reddington behandeling, zeg maar.

Is time a simulation?

A while ago, posed the question; “Is Our Universe A Fake?“. In that question it already puts “our” universe next to others, like it has to be plural. Anyhow, the question doesn’t really get answered by any of the ‘experts’ questioned in the article, they’re merely hypothesizing. Something amiss in all views, if you ask me; That UK Astronomer (Martin Rees) misses the fact that if our universe as a whole would be a simulation, the time-factor could be as well. Or at least our experience of space and time would be, so those 5 billion years are only that long in this sim, not for the controlling entity. But then again, if we would be (part of) a sim of some other advanced being, why would that being even want to make one or even have reasons or motives to remain in existence? I think that final question, “why is there something instead of nothing?”, and the simple fact that we can bring our minds to ask ourselves that question is proof we’re not a sim of another being that would ask itself that question, because that would be a boring endeavor. That superior being would -no doubt- want to know the answer, and we’re definitely not providing answers for that prime being, or for the ones assuming they’re the first that ever were. “Time is just a window someone forgot to close.” is therefore not an option. Either time itself is the sim, or the prime being, perhaps?

Saving videos from disappearing

And then there was the internet, it had “inter” in it for a reason, it crossed and ignored borders, an international network. Then there were two nerds of Jewish decent, one from Russia, the other from America, they built Google. They bought a video network called YouTube. It was great and showed a promise of a peaceful future for humanity. But what did those idiots do? They re-invented borders like children in a closeted gang; “Nope, YOU can’t join our club, you’re from OVER THERE”
It’s a sad disgrace.
If only there had been some logic in the blocking, but no, not even that; Some videos have been in the public domain for almost 8 years and only recently got a ‘blocked in your country’ notice. Like that would ever work. Those videos are already on our harddisks. Some videos have always been blocked on TV in my country, but suddenly are perfectly fine to see on YouTube:

Luckily, before it gets all blocked, we can grab the videos in the highest quality available using this wonderful add-on in Mozilla Firefox called Complete YouTube Saver. Note that to get the sound in DASH format videos (480p etc.) you need to download ffmpeg.

What can we do to fight this blocking per country nonsense, besides using a VPN or localized proxy-servers? Let’s all share them from UNblocked nation to blocked nation using bittorrent/syncthing or whatever works! Or use alternatives to YouTube.

Sorry, you’ve so misunderstood the internet.

Refugee cramps

When you could do population management at a worldwide level, you would look at the current density, yes? That would be the most viable and survivable solution. Perhaps tweaked a little towards actual habitable land, because steep rocky mountains can be pretty hard to try and survive on. But that’s besides the point;
We’re already at 465(!) humans per km2 in The Netherlands, in Canada by comparison that’s 4 per km2, in the US it’s 28 per km2, in France it’s 107 per km2 and in Denmark there are around 123 humans/km2. Just some examples. I find it absurd that not one world leader with half of a brain comes up with decent dividing of habitable land by now. Not even a proposition to that end. Hell no, the great golden new-lib way that supposedly works miracles for any economy seems to have made mush and mulch of many “rock star economies” to the extent that the filthy rich land owning nations can’t afford basic social welfare improvements or even local refugees. Which is all utter nonsense: We know it’s just that the neo-libs currently in power and paid for by the Big Corp money boys (fossil fuels and livestock industries) want to avoid setting a precedent ’cause they know what’s coming down the road, and it’ll soon enough turn into an endless flood of humanity once they open the doors. Which should be done anyway, especially since it was us first worlders who turned the thermostat up and broke the machine to begin with.


Ja, het is zomer, hoort warm te zijn, maar dit laat de *afwijking* van het gemiddelde (van 1961 tot 1991) op dezelfde dag zien (vlak onder het wateroppervlak);
en die streep daar links van Zuid Amerika, dat is het teken van een El NiƱo jaar in wording;

Worst case scenario;
Noordpoolijs weg in september 2016. Nog warmer water in Noordpoolgebied, teveel methaangas stijgt op uit permafrost, en dan is het nog 3 jaar voor abrupte exponentiele opwarming. De tekenen zijn er naar. Het experiment wat de mensheid zich denkt te kunnen veroorloven loopt ten einde. Ik weet niet of we nog op tijd zijn om het proces te stoppen (het moet zelfs worden omgekeerd, inmiddels..).
Als u denkt van wel, dan kunt u reageren en uitleggen hoe.