The disaster movie called human civilization

Everybody with half a brain is secretly watching it unfold. They don’t want to admit it, but something deep inside tells them they need to know what our status is, or they’ll be left behind not knowing what happened, and that’s not an option. So they sit back and watch the next episode of the new season; When *will* the oxygen levels really drop as a result of plankton depletion or are they already dropping, when will it be too hot where we live, where can we go to survive, who’s going to control, service or shutdown the 444 nuclear power facilities when they reside in areas that are no longer habitable? Let’s see what captain Paul Watson has to say about it, because he really knows his shit;

The Blue Ocean Event

What many don’t seem to realize is that the CO2 we’re emitting is cumulative, it’s not going away anytime soon, it’s a growing blanket around the Earth, and now we’re living in a greenhouse because of that. Which is why the top three warmest Mays have all occurred in the last three years. This course of events was already known in 1896. And while all this is known, every day we keep on adding 240000 new humans to a planet that has a limited amount of resources. Something does not compute. At some point that concept will crash. And we’re beginning to see when that could be. My rough estimate, with the data available now, with the changes predicted for the way we plan to live, is that around 2028 we’ll be living in a 3.5 C warmer planet than what it was before industrial civilization started. Humans have never been alive on a planet that warm. Just sayin’

Oh, and then there’s also that pesky methane:

“So we are left with a stark choice: allow climate disruption to change everything about our world, or change pretty much everything about our economy to avoid that fate. But we need to be very clear: because of our decades of collective denial, no gradual, incremental options are now available to us.” (Naomi Klein)

Sorry, we ran out of habitat.

How cruel would that be;
Humans finally figure out which genes reverse aging, verify that it works, stop aging related diseases, exploit and distribute the therapies for it, and then;
Whoops, the 1 planet we need to live on (while we already needed 2 more to feed everyone) dies under our feet while we weren’t looking! With an ice-free Arctic, huge methane releases, temperature rise, sea-level rise, dying oceans, crumbling ecosystems, and finally 430 failing nuclear power facilities, we go extinct. We can leave a note on some satellite, saying:

“Sorry, would have loved to meet you one day, and we know it’s hard to understand, but even though we knew how to last forever ourselves, we couldn’t sustain our one and only habitat.”


Je koopt tegenwoordig al een prima fiets voor 40 euro. En dat zijn dan betrouwbare tweedehandsen, vaak nog opgeknapt ook. Maar nee, er was weer zo’n kloothommel die het vanochtend nodig vond om de Puch van mijn vriendin in zijn busje te tillen toen ‘ie toevallig toch al grof vuil aan het plunderen was in Amsterdam Noord op woensdag 17 februari rond 7 uur. Voor de zekerheid even de details, mocht iemand iets herkennen, laat me weten (mail aan );
merk/model: Puch Elegance Plus Dames
bruin hard lederen zadel (dus niet het witte origineel zoals op de foto!)
– groen wit zilver gekleurd en bewerkt frame
– zwart hoog stuur
– zilverkleurige fietstassen achterop
– Versnellingen: N7 Naaf shimano

Er zit (zat ws. inmiddels) een yepp zitjeshouder onder de zadelstang, te weten: yepp-montageblok-voor-achterzitje-fietsstoeltje-aa

Als ik ooit iemand een fiets zie jatten moet je me echt tegenhouden! Te lui om iets anders te doen teneinde die 40 euro te verdienen. The lowest of the lowest, dat tinnef. Samen met inbrekers. Mogen ze wat mij betreft in een hol laten verrotten zonder water of brood, no mercy. De Raymond Reddington behandeling, zeg maar.

Is time a simulation?

A while ago, posed the question; “Is Our Universe A Fake?“. In that question it already puts “our” universe next to others, like it has to be plural. Anyhow, the question doesn’t really get answered by any of the ‘experts’ questioned in the article, they’re merely hypothesizing. Something amiss in all views, if you ask me; That UK Astronomer (Martin Rees) misses the fact that if our universe as a whole would be a simulation, the time-factor could be as well. Or at least our experience of space and time would be, so those 5 billion years are only that long in this sim, not for the controlling entity. But then again, if we would be (part of) a sim of some other advanced being, why would that being even want to make one or even have reasons or motives to remain in existence? I think that final question, “why is there something instead of nothing?”, and the simple fact that we can bring our minds to ask ourselves that question is proof we’re not a sim of another being that would ask itself that question, because that would be a boring endeavor. That superior being would -no doubt- want to know the answer, and we’re definitely not providing answers for that prime being, or for the ones assuming they’re the first that ever were. “Time is just a window someone forgot to close.” is therefore not an option. Either time itself is the sim, or the prime being, perhaps?

Saving videos from disappearing

And then there was the internet, it had “inter” in it for a reason, it crossed and ignored borders, an international network. Then there were two nerds of Jewish decent, one from Russia, the other from America, they built Google. They bought a video network called YouTube. It was great and showed a promise of a peaceful future for humanity. But what did those idiots do? They re-invented borders like children in a closeted gang; “Nope, YOU can’t join our club, you’re from OVER THERE”
It’s a sad disgrace.
If only there had been some logic in the blocking, but no, not even that; Some videos have been in the public domain for almost 8 years and only recently got a ‘blocked in your country’ notice. Like that would ever work. Those videos are already on our harddisks. Some videos have always been blocked on TV in my country, but suddenly are perfectly fine to see on YouTube:

Luckily, before it gets all blocked, we can grab the videos in the highest quality available using this wonderful add-on in Mozilla Firefox called Complete YouTube Saver. Note that to get the sound in DASH format videos (480p etc.) you need to download ffmpeg.

What can we do to fight this blocking per country nonsense, besides using a VPN or localized proxy-servers? Let’s all share them from UNblocked nation to blocked nation using bittorrent/syncthing or whatever works! Or use alternatives to YouTube.

Sorry, you’ve so misunderstood the internet.