Unblurring in streetview

Dear Google,

I find it quite abusive how you tend to use your own product (gmail, of all) to communicate to your users telling them you are *not able* to communicate per e-mail, by using a “no-reply@google.com” from-field.
Furthermore, it is highly illogical for you to switch areas to be blurred in streetview, and then claim there is no switching it off at all. How is it even possible then, for Google to know which areas need to be blurred and which do not have to be blurred ? What kind of strange code do you use, where you seem unable to use proper switches (i.e. either ON or OFF, like with every normal switch)?

Here’s an idea:
Out of your gigantic for-profit earnings, put 100k a year aside for 2 people that use support email as it was intended (to give support using a from field with an actual address people can communicate with, not some black-hole nothing ‘we are too big to care’ corporate crap /dev/zero disfunctional cop-out).
Then, put another 100k aside for some coder that can actually write a proper switch in your streetview databases, so that owners of homes/buildings (which you decided to blur in maps) can request to have it unblurred again.
“No can do” is not a response worthy of some business calling itself a tech-giant.

I’ll stop my yearly subscription. I don’t like sponsoring you any longer. You behave like retarded tech-midgets.
Good luck trying to do no evil. It’s not working.


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