Julian made into human trafficking victim

And the massive government corruption prevails. Shame on America. Shame on Lenin Moreno. Shame on the UK and Australia for not even standing up against the former two. Shame on the mass media who manufactured consent for this. Shame on the sniveling empire sycophants cheering right now for an Orwellian assault on press freedoms. Shame on all European governments (including my own) for remaining silent slaves of the US-led torture regime keeping Assange imprisoned and offline. Human rights? Show me where to find any have been watched after for this case. You can’t. They are scum and they know it. It’s thuggery at its finest. The US, UK and Swedish judicial processes are a complete illegal joke, insults to any civilized community. Those working for police and justice there (and everywhere else where they remain silent) are a corrupt bunch of obedient poltroons. None of them seem prepared to *ever* protest the commands given to them, it’s pathetic. I would have, all my relatives would have refused to obey. None of those lazy-ass dastards dragging Julian out of that embassy had any guts. They knew damn well they were in the wrong, yet they complied. Weak cowards! Exactly how their leaders wanted them; obedient robotic slaves, no ideals, no morals, just numb inhumane puppets of a severely corrupted violence-based fear-inducing regime of a financially bankrupted war-machine. A disgusting insult to every sane human being that consciously experienced the 1970s.

For your information:

The Swedish case is now closed. The Swedish allegations derived from August 2010, when Julian was in Sweden three weeks after the publication of the Afghan Warlogs, following which the US described WikiLeaks as a “very real and potential threat”.
Two women went to the Swedish police after having separate sexual encounters with Julian in order to request he undergo an STD test. The police filed these reports as one case of “rape” and another of “molestation”. However, the Chief Prosecutor of Stockholm, Eva Finné, reviewed and then dropped the preliminary investigation into the “rape” case, stating that “no crime at all” had been committed and that “the evidence did not disclose any evidence of rape”; the Chief Prosecutor then cancelled the arrest warrant for Julian, who remained in Sweden in order to cooperate in the investigation. However, seven days later, another prosecutor, Marianne Ny, reopened the preliminary investigation.
Text messages between the two women, which were later revealed, do not complain of rape. Rather, they show that the women “did not want to put any charges on Julian but that the police were keen on getting a grip on him” and that they “only wanted him to take a test”. One wrote that “it was the police who made up the charges” and told a friend that she felt that she had been “railroaded by police and others around her”.
Julian provided several affidavits professing innocence of any allegations and always made himself available for questioning by the Swedish authorities. Despite numerous false media reports asserting that Julian faced charges by the Swedish police, no charges were ever brought.

Running hacker tools against global communications systems wasn’t reason to extradite the entire workforce of the NSA, CIA and FBI to Europe or Asia, or.. oh wait! It now is!
Julian would be forcefully moved into some pretend courthouse in Virginia (US) that has never answered to any international law, and the public at large, the people, the general population, all take this for granted? These governments expect us all to obey to ‘the law’, but their laws don’t apply to them? They’re above the law now? How does that work? If an activist observes that and rightfully defends him/herself against their violent way of being hostile and corrupt towards his/her friends, how do governments expect we explain such nonsense to our offspring? And then those weak charges, boy oh boy, those can be turned around in every way possible. Looks like deceitful bullshit by an international crime syndicate that suffers from delusions of grandeur. They call themselves a government and leaders of a free world. What a joke!
I hope WikiLeaks releases more embarrassing crap on corrupted ‘politicians’. If the US-gov intent is to gain back some trust from ‘the people’, I think it’s safe to say they’re achieving the exact opposite. More and more will stop working for the government and start working for the public now. It’s all been one huge promo for anarchism!

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