A small bonus intermezzo

There’s not much talk in this piece of recording (on purpose), so I’m doing these notes in English this time.

In this mp3 you’ll hear me going to the local supermarket, and yes, I truly live that close to it ;-) I’m trying to find out how something as routinely ‘depressing’ as frequenting a supermarket can sound interesting.

For this I’ve used my favorite Audio Technica AT899c Subminiature Condenser Lavalier Microphones, amplified with this cute unit, and recorded on my good old reliable iRiver H140. I can’t stress this enough: The sound quality from these microphones is just darned amazing! They are the best I’ve ever owned, and believe me, I’ve known and used many-a-mike in my life so far. Note that I did not do any post-processing on this recording, except for a few seconds of blowing wind that I cut out.

By the way, I’m quite disappointed in iriver, because they regard my portable as something that should be replaced by a new model by now, which is just ridiculous; It’s not even 2 years old yet! Is it just me or what is this insane thing about huge brands where they act like they never made the model you own!? As if keeping webpages and specs of older models online would make them stupid or ‘uncool’ or something. Give me a freaking break here, iriver, I plan to use my iriver for years to come, thank you very much! Oh how I hate those corporate fools and their “out of production” crap.

En ja, een ‘normale’ show will be here very soon.

5 Replies to “A small bonus intermezzo”

  1. Super sound, ook die jongens met de voetbal, net of ik zelf in de supermarkt zit… Je bent verder wel erg stil hoor 😉 Geen scherpe kritieken, opmerkingen over wat we horen…

  2. Ik vond het pissen aan het einde wel aardig.
    Als het maar niet naast de POD was 😉

  3. Is dat pissen trouwens een beetje een hype aan het worden? Ik hoorde het laatst ook al in de podcast van Richard…..

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