"He needs to return those documents to us!"

That reminds us all of those spy-movies in which “The File”, “THE FLOPPY” or “The Disc” (or “chip” even), needs to be obtained in order to save humanity or something ridiculous like that. And everytime I read/hear some douchebag in power make a statement of that type, it is revealing to us what intellectual powerhouses we must be dealing with here. It’s surprising me to see these people even got in such positions of power. How did they do that? These people are being trusted with monitoring and storing our communications, yet they don’t realize that when leaked data is out there, it’s done, over with. Face it: You can’t undo leaking on the internet.

As if Edward Joseph Snowden would not know how to copy data, like he’s not smart enough to leave some backups here and there. And as if chasing him around, trying to catch him, accusing him of espionage, will somehow stop the leaking of that data. And then there are those who side with them in that total disregard for our future security by putting all that data in their dangerously sloppy hands. Really; What more proof do they need to be convinced of that blatant incapability of making those important decisions for us and future freedoms?

What grave insult (to us all) to assume we would carelessly allow the same people thinking such idiotic thoughts total oversight and safeguarding of our data passing through the interwebs.

So Ed, or mister Snowden: Rock on. You’ve been doing the right thing. The planet needs more people like you. And that total train-wreck of a US Government needs to wake up and face the music.

And to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights signers: Where are you?
Political asylum for ‪Edward Snowden‬ is as appropriate as it can get.
Governments of the so-called ‘free world’: You’re an embarrassment to us all!

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