Terrorism by the NSA/GCHQ

Let's get "The Files" so we can get on with our illegal secrecy, abuse, surveillance, drone-strikes and war-crimes! Let's grab people's laptops & data storage devices at borders, because there is NO WAY files can cross borders, can be moved, distributed, stored, encrypted online or via 'clouds' even! In what age are these idiots living anyway? The Internet is an $11 trillion a year economy, and you've sacrificed it on the altar of hegemony. Good fucking job, America.

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"He needs to return those documents to us!"

That reminds us all of those spy-movies in which "The File", "THE FLOPPY" or "The Disc" (or "chip" even), needs to be obtained in order to save humanity or something ridiculous like that. And everytime I read/hear some douchebag in power make a statement of that type, it is revealing to us what intellectual powerhouses we must be dealing with here. It's surprising me to see these people even got in such positions of power. How did they do that? These people are being trusted with monitoring and storing our communications, yet they don't realize that when leaked data is out there, it's done, over with. Face it: You can't undo leaking on the internet. As if Edward Joseph Snowden would not know how to copy data, like…

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