Making linux worse

That’s what they’re doing when different linux distributions decide on using different names for the exact same binaries.
Good example: Apache; For some idiotic reason Debian needs to call their httpd apache2 instead of httpd, while everybody else uses httpd for the same thing. What kind of tyrannic oversight decides on bullshit like that? When you ever need to migrate from CentOS to Debian, you’ll find yourself having to work hours and hours through textfiles and scripts, ONLY because some linux-lord at the top of some distribution didn’t ask any user about changing the name of an important open-source package like that of a webserver. How annoying. You couldn’t just get along and choose some uniformity between the masses of users of this webserver? What could EVER be useful about using two different names for one and the same daemon? And no surprise they need to scatter configuration over two files now: httpd.conf and apache2.conf. Yes, that’s right, the “apache2” daemon still reads the httpd.conf, just to make it even more annoying for you, the innocent user. Whoever made that insane decision: YOU SUCK! And the worst part is: You know you suck.
“This introduction should help you get acclimated to the Debian way of configuring Apache 2.0”
No shit. That it will cost hundreds of users hours of their lives doesn’t matter. Oh wait, you’ve created it for free, so nobody should complain? Well then, at least you knew how to make your distribution suck. Fucking ass.

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