Fun Democracy (update van 9-9 Leuke democratie)

Interessant, zelfs in de buurt zijn van demonstreren tegen Bush levert je al een arrestatie op in New York.
Eric Corley: I was one of the unlucky 1821 to be arrested that week. I wasn’t a demonstrator. I was covering the news for WBAI and IndyMedia. There were many others like me who were not at all involved in the events but were swept up in a massive police raid, the likes of which this city has never seen. Which is more newsworthy: the incredible and flagrant violation of the rights of so many people, or the fact that some of the demonstrators are pampered brats?

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It’s quite dismaying to see how you belittle the misfortune of the people who were sent to Pier 57 during the RNC (“Guantanamo on the Hudson Reconsidered,” 9/8). But by mocking detainee complaints about filthy conditions and lack of edible food throughout the 12-plus hours many of them were imprisoned there, you come off as callous and uninformed. People developed rashes. Others had breathing problems. Some grew faint from the lack of food. These things really happened. Ask the medics and legal observers who met with people after they were released. Obviously, not everyone had the same reaction. But by focusing only on the people you believe were exaggerating, you miss the bigger point—the injustice of the entire operation.

You express your wish that protestors who are quoted in the press not say stupid or hypocritical things. But did you ever consider why the mainstream press takes such a delight in printing these quotes? In any crowd you can find people who will say the wrong thing or who will look like idiots. Use these as the representatives and you can make everyone involved look bad. And by continuing to focus on them, because they were quoted in the Daily News, of all places, you’re actually doing the exact same thing.

I was locked up for nearly 36 hours with these people, most of it in that far grimmer place known as the Tombs. The courage and strength they showed in this uncertain and frightening experience was simply astounding to me. Total strangers cared for one another and looked after those who were in far worse shape, because the police certainly weren’t doing it. Throughout it all they maintained a sense of humor and gave each other strength. Think of those people when you write your next editorial, instead of the one idiot who calls it a Nazi concentration camp—and then ask why something like this had to happen to them.

Eric Corley, aka Emmanuel Goldstein, Manhattan


Regarding “Guantanamo on the Hudson Reconsidered,” shame on you (Page Two, 9/8). I’m no “spoiled brat.” I’m a seasoned protestor who has taken the time to educate herself regarding the law and civil disobedience, and as such, I find your blanket dismissal of those of us held at Pier 57 offensive and sad. I was there, and I was uniformly impressed with the intelligence, demeanor and bravery of those with whom I was detained—a great many of them, including me, long past spoiled-brat age.

What you should be most ashamed of is that you make your claims without having been anywhere near the place, and even more, that you “stopped joining mass street protests a long time ago” based on what—the company? Your complacency is appalling, and that you choose to sit on your behinds editorializing—and worse, generalizing—about those of us who continue to work hard and take risks for social change makes you the spoiled brats, no question about it.

It’s attitudes like yours that lead our government to be as confident as it is in its ability to erode our First Amendment rights. When I see you out in the streets again like responsible, thinking citizens who are above high-school level “discussion,” maybe I’ll listen to what you have to say about current events. In the meantime, you only demonstrate that “those who can’t do criticize,” and that you prefer to discriminate from your desks rather than stand up and make a difference. Pathetic.

Sarah Grisham, Manhattan

Rest de vraag of verkiezingen nog wel iets uit zullen maken, de stemmen zijn waarschijnlijk al betaald

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