Wees eerlijk

"If you are going to punish all who share files, you need to start at A in the phone book" Dus: Geef jezelf vast aan De jongens van The Piratebay vermaken zich in de rechtzaal de afgelopen week. Als je Zweeds kunt verstaan, hier staat de audio. Best heftig, want als de aanklagers geen veroordeling van de grond krijgen, dan worden Zweden en de hosters in questie 's werelds safe-haven voor alles wat in andere landen lastiger is, en is het welbeschouwd voorbij met dat gerommel in de marge. Of, zoals ze her en der al schrijven: You can't outlaw the future! If you're interested in a really great documentary about The Piratebay and intellectual property rights and things like that, go here.

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ING-Card (Classic) fraude

Last week I bought something on ebay. Much to my surprise I got a warning from Payal (on the web, secure), saying they could not process my payment because the credit-card company had refused the transaction, and that I had to contact my credit-card issuer for more information. So I called ING Card (supplier of my Mastercard compatible credit-card). Turned out they had blocked the use of my card, because of a suspicious transaction of 23000 Euro. Whoops! Luckily ING is insured against such fraudulent use, so I have nothing to worry about. Except of course the fact that it could happen in the first place. Since I'm extremely careful (almost paranoid) with my cc-data, I was quite amazed that even I had fallen victim to theft, so…

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