Why did they have to call it "flickr" ?

I’ve been meaning to write this question online for years, and surprisingly nobody really ever dares to mention it. Obviously I do;
Apart from the missing “e” of what should be called flicker, which looks like a really stupid mistake (artsy wanna-be trendy) or something, couldn’t these asshats have checked the meaning of the word internationally before making it so big? Here’s my wake-up call for the flickr team:

Flickr sounds exactly like flikker, which is rather negative Dutch slang for gay, homosexual. You know, like: faggot, queer, fruit, fudge-packer, flower boy, pansy. What a tremendously foolish choice, you idiots!
Honestly, flickr looks like a great service, except for the rosey-blue-white theme I don’t understand at all, I’d rather have images hosted with a dark grey, dark brown, dark green or black background (like stage6 for example).
I would even pay for hosting images with them, if only they had picked a different name! It’s not that I have anything against flikkers (read: homosexuals), it’s just not a word I like to link all my photographs to. Its connotation is all wrong. It’s just fucked up silly. And because of the name I don’t feel at home when my stuff would be residing under “flickr.com”. I’m especially annoyed since so many people I know are joining flickr now.
The only decent alternative is zooomr (again with the semi-trendy allergy for the letter e), but they’re hosting from freaking Japan. That site is just plain slow over here in Europe.

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