King of California

One of those rare movies that makes you wish you could personally thank everyone involved for creating it. By writing this I hope to achieve that. Thank you Mike Cahill, thank you Evan Rachel and thank you sir Douglas for this amazingly touching piece of art. This is arguably the best promotion of human free will I’ve seen on screen! Brilliant performances by the entire cast, from the wild Latina with her hazel colored eyes to the fat crowd at the ‘barbecue’. I felt blessed to see this piece of pure gold in movie-making. Transcending everyday-life, every second of it. Pulling you out of your reality, and into this beautiful made-up world from writers, actors, camera-people, engineers, producers, editors, set dressers and animation drawing magicians, working with their black trolleys and heavy batteries, on locations, shutting down streets, studios, with their lighting equipment and recording mixers. Without for a moment being distracted by the thought of them having faked it all for you, the viewer.

This little treasure throws you in a natural high, floats you over the big cloud of a dream come true, in which nothing else matters. Written as though it is one huge poem. Beginning and ending with naked Chinese guys. Funny in such an honest way. Subtle yet efficient. Easy yet action packed. And what a sweet soundtrack and score!

I’m rating this 9 of 10 only because I wanted to see a different ending. Maybe it will be there as an extra on the (HD)DVD. Sure hope so, I’ll buy it.

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