Dirty Sloppy Bunch

You are a dirty sloppy bunch of lazy people, most of you. Every job, every workplace territory I come across, there’s one thing that stands out:
People leave their bowls, cups, glasses and cans (filled with tea, coffee, milk, soup, soda pop, beer etc.) not empty on workplace tables and kitchen counters. They never empty their drinks, as if the bottom parts contain dangerous viruses that might infect them if they flush it down. Not even in the event where they bring their 75% finished cups to the kitchen, they just don’t empty them. What’s up with that? Is it so hard to pour it down the sink? Do they want to leave some for the flies and rodents? Do they think the left-over fluids will magically disappear? Have they all been spoiled by parents or cleaning personnel who always took up this strange shifted labour of having to empty other people’s drinks? In the extremely rare case that I don’t drink all of what’s in MY glass, I always at least flush the left-over part, I empty the cup so it will not rot away and can’t be used for ashtray purposes and the like. I rarely see other people who do, in places where I work. Why is that? What’s wrong with you?

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