Been to the movies with Sander, to see Gladiator. I can see why The Academy liked it so much.
Spotted Esther J. in de Balie, had dinner in Palladium and forgot to tip the waiter there. Hey, no wonder, it’s already been a week since M. has left me, with nothing but questions ;-) Also a week since I’ve last looked in the eyes of Geertje. Just one look by either of those and it’s too late to survive. The more I think about it, the more I know that talking has ruined it all, we should just make love in some hotel every now and then, and don’t speak about anything else. Perhaps that’s the secret to a successful relationship? I really think this is the best option available within a relationship these days.

Great news from XS4ALL; the Cisco SSG NAT is gonna leave my DSL. Not only will that speed up this server’s connection, it will also be a lot more fun to run this server with FreeBSD from then on.

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