Today I had to move around and edit over 32 Nedstat scripts (not only those of my own pages) to get them to work with their new system. I don’t like the new dark layout at all. Who needs those fancy graphics and tiny links like that? I only want to know who visited the page at what time and where he/she came from, and preferably all on one page. Also their pages now don’t even open sometimes, probably the whole world is changing their nedstats.

Also busy with shit for taxes, I’m way past my date and still post-poning to fill-in the stupid tax-forms. I hate the tax-system, it’s so retarded. Nobody wants it. Why don’t they cut the crap and do their own shitty job? It seems to me they already know *exactly* what you make and what you do with your money anyways, why the need to spell it out for them? Is it because half a zillion work-hours can be payed to idiot tax people this way or what? Useless shit I don’t have time for.

Then my mother was on my voicemail today, she always manages to go beyond the available sample time. It’s strange how other people tend to think I want to celebrate my birthday, while hey: What’s there to celebrate? More wrinkles? Less time left on this planet? Anyway, they all invited themselves over to my place. I don’t think I have enough places for them to sit in here :-) Why don’t they all just leave me alone and let me get old by myself? ;-)

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