Human time space flow

Is it just me or is the time-space continuum separating itself from global human conscienceness? Lately I have the strong feeling that time (as we measure it) seems to be going faster than our conscienceness can handle, and sometimes slows down again to what it normally was (or should be), but less often as time passes, from what I can tell. More and more we experience time as shorter than how we measure it, and perceive it as getting shorter than before, and then for a few hours coming back to the fixed format we’ve known since we were born. And I’m being serious here, not some quantum physics or apocalypse nutcase.
I’ve talked about this with the very few (smart) friends I have left, and they all profoundly experience this same discrepancy (and they’re not all my age, so we’ve excluded age as a determining factor in this). And what’s most important: They all experience this at the same moments in time, as recorded in our timescale and calendar, so it must have something to do with human global awareness of time. Just check it yourself; Are your days as long as they used to be? And when you *think* they are shorter, try to eliminate the sources of that feeling; If you perceive some hours as shorter than normal, ask the people close to you if they feel the same. You’ll be amazed at what you find.

Perhaps it comes from astronomical changes that are taking place. Or has to do with the fact that we’re closing in on the coincidence of the Winter Solstice point and the galactic center, or as many people know it, the end of the Mayan Long Count cycle in 2012. The most interesting sites about this I found here and here, this stuff transcends religion and science.

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