LGA versus WGA

This had me laughing out loud: www.linuxgenuineadvantage.org – I know what they mean to say, and I really dig how they went and actually did it, bought the domain name, and wrote all the funny lines. That annoying Windows Genuine Advantage validation crap is the first thing about MicroSoft Windows that really made me consider moving towards Linux for my desktop use, even if I would have to miss some software. Just an example story on this WGA thing:
I have a Toshiba laptop, and with that came a Windows XP Home CD. I actually licensed the copy with MicroSoft’s website after installing, like a good little user should. A couple of years and many Windows Updates later I suddenly couldn’t validate my copy any longer and it refused to let me upgrade to Internet Explorer version 7. I had no clue as to why, because it ‘was’ a legal copy. So I thought: “Well then, MicroSoft, have it your way! Now I’m going to get a different copy of Windows to replace the original.”
I refuse to go call them for support. I never call helpdesks or support desks for ludicrous nonsense like that. Costs me too much time and money, both of which I have too little of.

There are, by the way, pretty slick custom desktop/workstation up to date Windows 2003 installers available via bittorrent. Look for Tiny2003 over here or here or here. A lot faster than any Windows OS I’ve used before. They make you feel as though you’re using Windows 3.11 on a current day machine, only looking much better. They come from eXPerience (the creator’s alias). He’s reliable.

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