We are ALL one.

This button is still one of the most hilarious things I’ve seen on the www. I got the link from Dennis by the way, it totally made my day!

And HERE‘s proof why we need things that make our day these days. I mean, I’m getting really angry at those fools who still think the US is some kind of separate thing on this planet. Look at these idiots man, these islamic nutcases say things like: “Now the monster they created is biting them back,” and it should be directed towards the US? Hulloh, WAKE UP! WE are ALL the US of A, if anything the US is the nation that made us all one, one moon, one star, one language, one network, one for all, all for one. I can see only one monster here, and that’s religion. The US has not created that monster, bibles have. Here’s a good one for you:
Thank god there are over 50 million non-religious people in the USA 🙂

Updated the FAQ-page again. Go take a look and laugh at me why don’t you.

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