Enduring bitterness

OK, let’s be honest here. The world is enduring bitterness, not freedom. Everybody is more tired than asleep, more afraid than happy. Some people I know start to behave as if they are certain their lives will be over real soon. Osama really sucks. I don’t think it’s panic, it’s fear of a sudden ending.
Let’s not forget, we still don’t even know why we exist, we don’t know what possible purpose planet earth and humanity could have, we don’t have a clue what used to be here before there was life, we don’t even know why life, death and time seem to be accepted as the inevitable. No wonder some of us end up moving towards religion, hoping to get some answers there. But deep down they know they won’t get the answers they yearn for, slowly they start to realize it makes no sense. So they try and block reality from their minds, and start to do sick weird things because of that. And now we’re all waiting for the results to show?
Let’s ease the worries (yeah, right :-) by copying the + list for general disaster preparedness:

– Canned food and can opener
– First-aid kit and essential medications
– At least three gallons of water per person
– Protective clothing, rainwear, and bedding or sleeping bags
– Battery-powered radio, flashlight and extra batteries
– Special items for infant, elderly or disabled family members
– Written instructions on how to turn off gas, electricity and water if authorities advise you to do so (Remember, you’ll need a professional to turn natural-gas service back on.)
– Essentials, such as a flashlight and sturdy shoes, by your bedside

Personally I don’t feel much different since september 11th. I still have no idea what would be a smart career-move for me, and most chicks I dig still turn into paranoid nut-cases as soon as they really get to know me. I still think Lucifer is a joke, Satan is a wussy, The Beast can go to hell, and The Anti-Christ needs to get laid. I don’t care what books they read or what gods they believe in, I have enough problems to deal with, I’m trying to have a life here, and now some freaks from faraway countries that don’t want to understand my culture are trying to mess it up, period. And last but certainly not least: Time is still just a window someone forgot to close.

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