Moe van reli-fanaten

Alsjeblieft zeg, we hebben toch wel wat beters te doen op deze planeet? Je moet echt ongelooflijk gebrekkig zijn bedeeld, qua grijze cellen, om tijd te steken in het in de fik steken van ambassades van vrije westerse landen, alleen omdat er wat tekeningetjes in een krant hebben gestaan. Weten we allemaal ook weer waarom we niet meer in goden geloven, wat ons ook alweer precies onderscheidt van het oerwoud.

So tired of religious retards

Hey you islamists, trust me on this:
When that virus, asteroid, super-vulcano or anti-matter hits us, it’s not gonna pick the country where the non-believers or gay people live, it will take us all down at the same time.
Everybody with half a brain is against strong beliefs, Islam AND Christianity. They are all pointless. If you belief in your nonsense that strongly you are stupid. You’re jealous of free people. That’s why you’re still behaving like animals, because your prophet has got you by the balls (or clitoris, even). So either you fight against ALL people with a brain (and lose the fight) or you stop bothering that needle in the haystack you think you discovered with Denmark. Do you really think ANY of us will take your side in this ridiculously retarded behaviour? At least 80% of ALL Europeans will stand up for their freedom of speech in this matter. We’ve not come such a long way to let us be taken back down the ladder a few thousand years by brainwashed fools. Therefore I will keep a Portrait of the Prophet Muhammad up on my page, in solidarity with those who appreciate the freedom to express themselves as they damn well please (like I do). Ooh you think you’re so important, ooh you think you’re so special with your stupid fairytales from the dark ages.
Get a life!

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