Music mightier than the Sword

This screenshot shows something from the creation process of Death of Democracy (download here) by 37Hz (my cousin Hens). It mainly consists of skilfully timed ruthlessly cut-up parts from speeches by George W. Bush on top of modern music, making it a haunting collection of phrases and statements that show the true face of the Bush Administration:
Death of Democracy, For the American People, Discredit their narrow ideology.
Death of Democracy, For the American People, We will make this an age of war and misery.

In this track we can hear Bush demanding that “Progress must end!”, telling us that “The return of tyranny is right and just” and “A civil society will cease to exist” but also explaining how he became the dictator that he is; “Killing, to achieve our goals. Killing, is necessary. Chaos, to achieve our goals. Chaos, is necessary.”

It’s tracks like this that need to be played and heard by everyone in the world, so please, by all means, do so! (Even if you think Kerry is a douchebag) It’s all Open Source Audio, just like its explosive predecessor ‘Acting With Force’ featuring Bill Clinton, which you can still get from here.

Of course, Death of Democracy isn’t the first and only Bushwhacking project, but let’s just hope it will be the last one necessary…

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