Why are there still so many “I’m sticking with Netscape” users? You can get yourself a better stronger faster more stable version of your browser: Mozilla 1.7. Or better yet: Try Firefox. Both browsers still have a lot of trouble initiating the simplest of java-applets, which really annoys me, it’s the only reason I’m often still using Internet “welcome pop-up heaven” Explorer. Come on, this is spring 2004, you’d figure that after 9 years of browser wars they (Sun, Microsoft and Open-Source communities) should have solved silly issues like plugins and things like that, but NO, it has not changed for the better. Can we fucking stop changing the web around by creating new standards each year and try stick to JUST ONE for a change? I mean, holy shit you w3c people; No wonder you make software-developers puke on your validation! Take that stupid SGML based XML crap for example; Why on earth would you change a long-time friend like “
” into a bloated two-characters-more lower-case-only “
“?! Get the fuck outta here, that is no improvement. That way the web will NEVER get any faster. Or maybe that’s the whole idea behind it? Forcing us to buy yet another new PC to keep up with bloated slack-inducing XML everywhere. Why is it that whenever something good and new is invented, some idiot throws in some bullshit that’s more useless than anything we’ve seen before?

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