De moeite waard om wat?

"KRAPPE arbeidsmarkt", seriously, are you freaking kidding me? "En de kinderdagverblijven zijn bang dat de vraag naar opvang drastisch zal afnemen." Misschien eens overwegen om meer kwaliteit te leveren voor wat je vraagt, beter te concurreren, net als in iedere andere branche waar klandizie bepalend is voor de omzet?

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Simple Men

- When the guy comes back here, try to detain him. - Detain him? - Yeah. - How? - I don't know. Offer him a cup of coffee or something. - And then what? - And then, you know... call me. I'll come and arrest him, I guess. - In the meantime, this french sociopath stabs me and Mike to death. Fuck that, man. - Oh you want my job? - No we don't want your job. We just want a little protection. - Protection? - Yeah. - Protection. Certainty. Assurance, security. - Well... yeah, that too, I guess. - You want confidence. A pledge... Safety. Guarantee... promises... expectation... consideration... Sincerity... selflessness... intimacy... attraction... gentleness... Understanding... and understanding without words. Dependence without resentment. Affection... to belong... possession... loss....…

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