The Extinction Economy

Population declines of Earth’s species:

56% of mammals (32–75%)
53% of birds (48–56%)
63% of amphibians (43–75%)
54% of insects (13–89%)
41% of fishes (11–84%)
28% of reptiles (14–63%)

‘the magnitude of the Anthropocene biodiversity crisis is considerably more severe than suggested by analyses based on IUCN Red List conservation categories.’
The scientific consensus: economic growth and the race for profit mean extinction.

‘the planet is approaching a mass extinction event far graver than prior research has suggested’

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) says ‘28% of species are under threat’. However, a third of species currently classified as non-threatened on the IUCN Red List ‘are actually spiraling toward extinction’.

Scenario-based climate projections considering the most critical life stages (spawners and embryos) clearly identify the temperature requirements for reproduction as a critical bottleneck in the life cycle of fish.

60% of primate species are threatened with extinction, 75% are declining. Main threat: habitat destruction due to logging/agriculture. Hunting, road construction, oil & gas extraction, mining, pollution, disease, and climate change are also key threats.

Our predicament is now so grave that only extraordinary economic system change towards a low energy set-up will do if we’re to protect life on this planet. We can’t build our way out of global ecosystem catastrophe. So how about a mass slowdown? Shifting away from today’s ultra-destructive, high energy, high emissions global economy, starting with a radical end to all weapons manufacturing (and useless wars)? Give societies time & incentive to create local supply chains? Let vital species flourish? Stop cutting (down) trees? The objective: create a low energy economy without causing mass suffering or mass death. Create an economy which can operate on nearly zero CO2 emissions and regenerate a working and improving global ecosystem, without requiring sudden additional deaths. Not much time or opportunity left for any of us to try the last resort ‘solutions’ that could delay, or if we’re extremely lucky, avoid extinction. We need to immediately stop being such incredibly pathetic destructive idiots drawing lines on maps, pretending to have ‘ownership’ of all life within those lines, wasting time and resources into weaponry pretending to ‘defend’ those self-inflicted lines nonsense, dropping territorial nonsense, end the hegemonic fantasies, stop power-hungry leadership. And yes, stop NATO and stop the retarded US military industrial complex. The others are no threat to anyone. One planet, one goal: Survival. Grow a clue already.

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