Obama AND Clinton

You want change so badly? Then by all means: Change!
Why don’t you just make both of them presidents of the US of A? It might be good to change your political system, finally, and have two presidents. Certainly would make a much better government than having some all-ruling tiran in the whitehouse again. I’m being serious here;
Why is it always just one leader? Two always know more than one, and two always make better judgments than one decider. It would mean that whenever the two presidents disagree on something, that this something clearly should not be decided over (just yet). It would mean that one could take some time off, while the other watches the place. You’d have a much more sensible and intelligent government that way. And if you would want two up there, having a male and a female is a logical choice (America is not a nation of men, nor is it a nation of women!), so Barack and Hillary are perfect together. If they both agree on something, chances are pretty high that the rest of America agrees as well. What’s keeping them from changing the system? I don’t get it. How hard can it be to pull that one off?

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