Operation Take Down

Updates june 3:

Audio interview with Peter of the famous BitTorrent tracker site
Police covering up the cams
– Hihi, all trackers are back online ;-)
– Many of them moved here..
These are really funny (when they’re up)

Updates june 1 and 2:

corruption all the way to the top
Mikael Viborg’s inside story
TPB updates translated in English
Interview with TPB
Stockholm traffic graphs (around 6 GBit/second decrease on prqinet.net node)
main Swedish police website attacked

The Pirate Bay, tvtorrents, Phoenix Italia, en een hele berg torrent indexers en trackers zijn (deels uit voorzorg) offline gegaan. Lees hier en hier. More annoying and useless ‘work’ by the MPAA, dus.
Uitwijkmogelijkheden (nog in de lucht): Demonoid, Descargasweb, Zerotracker, Latebyte, Torrentreactor, Sladink, Mininova and many others. De lijst bij Slyck (traag op dit moment, mensen zijn niet blij met de invallen op PRQ).

En de wraak van sommigen is zoet;-)

Wow, I read this heavy writing on the mininova blog:I pray to Jesus, Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, Mother Earth, The Almighty, and any God not yet recognised that this sad, bad joke of the American Dynasty be over already.

Dear USA, you are not the Savior of yourself or the free world or of ANY country. If there’s $$ involved, you give a shit — if not, you are nowhere to be seen.

No one has lost anything over me, a citizen of the world, located in the EU being able to download a Chinese or Spanish or Indian or Moroccan movie, or a football match, or a comedy concert, or a radio show, or a VERY dopey, VERY stupid Hollywood TV show that I WOULD NEVER WATCH otherwise.

If you dear USA are sooooooo concerned about people “stealing” and justice, then what about companies like Enron (and others) and the thousands of poor hard working people who have no pension any more while the guys in charge give themselves 200 million $$ to leave the job and screw the little people. Why aren’t you worried about helping them – AND THEY LIVE IN YOUR FREAKING COUNTRY ALREADY!

What about the poor people in Iraq or other countries all across the world that have something that you want, but you don’t have, so you make up some story, say they threaten the freedom of the world, bla bla bla, and then go kill them and get your own poor trusting people killed because they want to believe in something (too bad they have few options but to believe the propaganda, and lies you force-feed down their throats) just so you can “steal” something that is not yours.

Of course I could rant on and on.

The bottom line is that this is the first time in the history of mankind that people can simultaneously HELP other people ALL OVER THE WORLD.


No middle man.

It’s such a beautiful concept it brings tears to my eyes.

The USA, MPAA, whatever and whoever else these fools call themselves, all they do is scream about nonsense – they don’t care about any of the bullshit things they claim to care about – for the love of god please don’t believe them.

They’re just pissed off that P2P is something that THEY can’t control and that THEY haven’t figured out how to force everyone in the world to pay $$ them for.

Legally speaking, all libraries violate laws, all copy machines, scanners …. on and on.

When you stop and think about it, they lost control of the monster that they created.

We go and we BUY bigger better faster computers, hard drives, …

We BUY better TV’s, monitors, sound systems, …

We BUY more and more DVD’s, …

We pay for Internet connections now like we pay for water.

All of the progress in technology, science, knowledge, etc. has brought us to this moment in time.

We have exceeded what anyone thought would happen – thanks to the Internet and programmers and technology.

It’s like something right out of the bible.

* The meek have inherited the earth *

And now the multinationals want to put the meek in prison.

What if I told you that when I share resources with people what I’m really sharing is love ?

What if we stopped saying P2P and started calling it by its true name, PHP People Helping People ?

What if I told you that TPB’s only crime is to help spread love throughout mankind all over the world ?

What did all the true prophets have in common again ?

I’m not even religious but I’d like to think that this could be a cause that unites all people everywhere despite different religions, languages, cultures, colours of skin…

I pray to Jesus, Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, Mother Earth, The Almighty, and any God not yet recognised that,in our lifetime, these lying, two-faced hypocrites will
– actually really and truly burn in hell for their sins against humanity
– someone will be there to film it with a cam
– we ALL get to share the glorious file
– for once, nobody minds that the image is blurry, the sound is horrible
– in a language you don’t know
– with subtitles you can’t understand
– and you can’t see very well since there’s some guy down front walking and waving – blocking the picture (“Hi Mum ! “)
– That is, until the DVD_Rip version comes out.

Peace Love and PHP

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