Laws of Visual Disappointment (for snailmail package delivery)

First Law of Visual Disappointment
“There are way too many square white vans passing your house when you are waiting for a TPG shipment to arrive.”

Second Law of Visual Disappointment
“When you are waiting for a TPG shipment to arrive, another square white van will make a delivery to someone living right across the street.”

Third Law of Visual Disappointment
“Early in the morning the TPG tracking website will show you that your package is ‘on route for delivery’ and will say the exact same thing late in the afternoon.”

Fourth Law of Visual Disappointment
“When a TPG shipment is expected to arrive at eleven-thirty in the morning, your eyes will fail to register actual delivery until five in the afternoon.”

– Idea borrowed from Ben C.O. Grimm en mijn eigen eerdere stukje hierover..

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