Sin City (movie review)

This movie is quite the project, visually. Everone will notice that. And even though I really don’t like violence all that much, this time it seems to be a means to a goal, to deliver it to the viewer in its darkest purest form. It will touch your instincts because it’s just so strong and in your face. The main characters are living for tough and hard action, and they all have comic-book strength. Frank Miller’s writing for the narration is uniquely macho, honest and primal, which made it very funny at times, and I very much liked his message;

Men who hurt (or kill) women should not be left unpunished, they deserve the worst revenge we men can possibly think of.

It is almost as if Miller used his writing to get even with every wish for (and dream about) revenge he might have collected during his lifetime. Sin City is the realization of vengeance. In fact, the entire film reminded me a lot of Payback (with Mel Gibson), which is highly underrated (seeing the appreciation Sin City gets).

The only reason this movie didn’t get my maximum rating is because I thought 2 of the actors (Clive Owen and Michael Clarke Duncan) were badly cast for their parts. They ruined the power this movie could have had. These two softened it up too much for my taste, they changed it from gaining cult-status to being just another attempt at replicating stuff like Payback and Spider Man.
Either way it IS a movie everyone should see, also those who will hate it afterwards. It could be seen as educational, even. Everybody should know there are people around who can write ‘sick’ storylines like these, and that there are so many people on this planet who will like them.

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