Freedom In An Unfree World

I’ve been busy making this the starting point for all online material by/with/about me. As always, with things I’m working on, it’s not finished but released already anyway, so you can look with me, see the changes in the menu above and go with my flow 😉 ( This is – of course – just one of those typical jult excuses ) As the asian astrology predicted, this is a louzy shitty year for the firehorse, and so my year is pretty damn close to crap so far. Some people at work have deserted me, leaving me in a void of “poofh”! You know how it goes; People leave you, you’d expect you’ll stay in touch, but nobody ever seems to do that, cause all they really do is make career-moves (or the opposite) and think about themselves mostly. Even if you had something going together, they seem to forget that. I never do. Must be something wrong with me. But what can I do? Romance has left this planet ever since the mid eightees, if you ask me. OK, enough for now. Well wow, I just made this up and I think this will become a success story: JULT NEWS: Some kind of diary-page, news about jult’s whereabouts etc. Anyway, I’m adding old and famous pages into the menu above daily, so check them out if you like to be bored by that.

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