Refugee cramps

When you could do population management at a worldwide level, you would look at the current density, yes? That would be the most viable and survivable solution. Perhaps tweaked a little towards actual habitable land, because steep rocky mountains can be pretty hard to try and survive on. But that’s besides the point;
We’re already at 465(!) humans per km2 in The Netherlands, in Canada by comparison that’s 4 per km2, in the US it’s 28 per km2, in France it’s 107 per km2 and in Denmark there are around 123 humans/km2. Just some examples. I find it absurd that not one world leader with half of a brain comes up with decent dividing of habitable land by now. Not even a proposition to that end. Hell no, the great golden new-lib way that supposedly works miracles for any economy seems to have made mush and mulch of many “rock star economies” to the extent that the filthy rich land owning nations can’t afford basic social welfare improvements or even local refugees. Which is all utter nonsense: We know it’s just that the neo-libs currently in power and paid for by the Big Corp money boys (fossil fuels and livestock industries) want to avoid setting a precedent ’cause they know what’s coming down the road, and it’ll soon enough turn into an endless flood of humanity once they open the doors. Which should be done anyway, especially since it was us first worlders who turned the thermostat up and broke the machine to begin with.