Sure, all those leaks are mostly things we already knew, but really, it wasn’t stuff we knew, but stuff we thought we knew. The shift from thinking we know, to knowing for a fact doesn’t really change the information all that much, but sure as hell changes the perception. To be honest, I really think these are all just teasers, the best (the remaining 99%!) is yet to come. Governments have been carrying out atrocious acts on our behalf, in the name of national security or whatever they invent for it, but always with a degree of plausible deniability. Their secrecy means they can spin their way out of anything they want and for some inexplicable reason, everyone buys into it, gives the government, banks and corporations the benefit of the doubt and forgets (or tries to forget). I thought Hans Blix knew and thought that was more convincing than anyone else’s BS, but now, more importantly, I know they knew, and now they know I know they knew.

So in the future, when we think we know, hopefully we don’t just sit back and say “oh, well, you guys have all the intel, you probably know better”, but just maybe one of those schmucks in the press gallery is actually going to call them on it.

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