ING-Card (Classic) fraude

Last week I bought something on ebay. Much to my surprise I got a warning from Payal (on the web, secure), saying they could not process my payment because the credit-card company had refused the transaction, and that I had to contact my credit-card issuer for more information. So I called ING Card (supplier of my Mastercard compatible credit-card). Turned out they had blocked the use of my card, because of a suspicious transaction of 23000 Euro. Whoops! Luckily ING is insured against such fraudulent use, so I have nothing to worry about. Except of course the fact that it could happen in the first place. Since I’m extremely careful (almost paranoid) with my cc-data, I was quite amazed that even I had fallen victim to theft, so I decided to do some research on my own. The first transaction I know was not mine is:

24-11-2008 TELE2 MOBILE SEVRES FR 20,00

This couldn’t possibly be my own doing;
I was not in France on that date, did not leave my cc-data behind when I was there last time, nor did I use it online on or around that date, plus I already have other “MOBILE” providers so wouldn’t need “TELE2”. Using this to do more searching I know that my only suspicious use had been for two small transactions in France, to pay for the use of a certain autoroute (tol-motorway, tol-weg, Péage). Already had a weird feeling about those machines, because they did not look very secure to me. But anyway; I *did* use them when I was there (with Sanne), as can be seen on my credit-card statement from that time;


I’m fairly certain one of these two was the source-location of the fraude. So, all I can say is: If you’re from the Nîmes area, or travelling there, be careful with the use of your credit-card for those machines from payages. I found absolutely nothing about this online, but if you’ve recently been a victim of cc-fraude as well, I’d like to know if by any chance all of the above means something to you..

Intel & Samsung set the new standard..

Economies and financial markets may be crashing, Intel and Samsung have made some amazing leaps forward with their latest Solid State Drives, check out these tests! Sure, these SSDs are still expensive, but the investment returns will be HUGE;
Power usage of Intel’s new storage media is around 5% of that from mechanical harddisks. Say you are Google and you serve about 100 petabytes of data each day, consider the energy savings (95%!) when you would use SSDs instead of doing it the old way..
I think SSDs will revolutionize computing almost two times faster than ‘predicted’ by Moore’s law! The storage medium is no longer the bottleneck it always was.

some smug flash cunts ;-)