Kijkt u eensch, daar is gewoon een website over. De lichtvervuilingskaart van Frankrijk, voor mijn familie aldaar. En hier die van NL. Overigens heb ik een poos geleden een heel mooi zaklampje gekocht, met Cree 7090 XR-E LED erin. 135 lumen in turbo mode! Hier een nogal +++ review ervan..

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Vista alternatives

updated again Since MicroSoft has pretty much given up hope for people using other systems, I might as well give those people a helping hand. You think Windows Vista is too much new shit? Not really your own, taking you hostage and doesn't give you the freedom you want, but you still need to have a MS Windows based operating system, preferably one that is lightweight and up-to-date? Then Windows XP Pro Corporate - Performance Edition is the one you should try. (Yes, it outperforms Windows 2000 on older hardware.) The only downside to that release is that it isn't an XP x64 Edition. If you really want 64 bit, I recommend a XP Corporate x64. Based on the 2003 kernel, and the best MS OS around today…

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