Check out these stories, how spammers are hiring ddos mafia to ensure that Block List maintainers shut down their anti-spam services. Pretty shocking material, the nerve of these assholes!I cannot tell you how much I hate spam and everything related to it. And when I write “hate” I do mean hate. Deep raging anger and feelings of disgust towards everybody involved in spam. It has ruined many hours of my life (totaling to months by now)! All those hours could have been free time, that I would have loved to spend on pleasant things, yet they needed to be wasted on those motherfuckers who feel it necessary to annoy the world with their products or business by the use of unsolicited email.
Furthermore, it also managed to ruin one of the most reliable communication means that ever existed (email). By causing complete chaos in blocking, filtering and ignoring email we all have to deal with getting in a bad mood because every now and then a certain email did not end up at the intended destination. For example as a direct result of some tired administrator who decided to block email based on country-code of the IP-address range. Now not only do we get angry about spam, we also have to be furious towards idiot administrators stupid enough to think IP-address country codes are actually valid and reliable.

Few people realize that at least 80% of what all mail-servers in the world are doing is wasted on analyzing, whitelisting, greylisting, blacklisting, detecting, rejecting and blocking unwanted email. Think about that for a minute. It means that if an average mailserver machine is using 250 Watts, 200 of that is being used on having to FIGHT spam. That is 0.2 kWh, 24/7. Multiply that with the millions of mailservers active today and you get an idea how much energy is wasted on fighting spam. In fact, if governments would like to blame humans for changing the climate, the misery caused by spam is more guilty of global climate change than any other ‘industry’ one can think of. Mostly because the net result is almost zero. Only 1 in every 250.000 spam mails ends up being read, and a very small part of that ‘works’. Not even mentioning the time end-users have to waste on filtering out or disregarding spam, or administrators having to spend hours trying to get their servers off block-lists maintained by other administrators etc. People are actually making money by fighting spam too. A ridiculous concept.

For me all this is proving how humanity will never work out fine. It is solid proof of the fact that we are doomed as a species. Stupid ignorant people destroy everything good we invent. It all turns to chaos and fights, because some fool somewhere is prepared to help another fool with really bad ideas. You also see this in the nuclear arms race bullshit. Why do we accept this nonsense? How do you motivate yourself to work on a future when governments are systematically making us all afraid and depressed about not having any certainty?
I don’t have any children myself, but if I had, I would not know how to explain to them why nuclear weapons are even allowed to exist, how to explain to my kids that ‘respected’ important rich authorities mainly consist of incredibly stupid assholes, because they like to have their nuclear missiles on stand-by at all times. I’ve been angry at all those governing powers for the way they permitted nuclear weapons ever since I was a child. Saying you respect those authorities means you agree with destroying my good mood everyday. For that, I decided, they all suck. One morning I woke up from the noise some fighter-plane was making (a son trying to impress his father by flying over his parent’s house way too low), I remember how it scared me because I just had a dream about a mushroom cloud judgment day caused by an unreasonable power-drunk dipshit that pressed the wrong button.
That’s what ‘our’ ‘civilization’ has come to: Idiots pressing wrong buttons.

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