Confession time in Juliusland !

I'm re-writing texts on my sites almost continuously. So you are now reading work pre-released by mistake! And if you really think that I'm going to tell you my innermost secrets, my hopes and fears, my dreams and aspirations, my lost loves and treasured ones, my age and my marital status, what car I drive and how big a house I live in: Hey look, I will never tell you how good a liar I can be.
Now you go and think about that for a few seconds....  Is it working?

Well hello dear people of planet earth! I love you! Especially the very few that will ever go and read all this. Let's start off with my name: As you may know by now, my first name is Julius. People usually call me "Jules" (french), "Jools" or "JayBay" (dutch pronunciation of J.B., the letters of my first names). But at the top is Juul  (real dutch, sounds something like "jewel" with a bit of "fool" in it - hint hint :-) - Of course very few people call me Julius. Those who do are the ones I love and hate most. Guess most people must really dislike that roman Caesar-guy. But hey, I'm quite happy with my name actually, boy am I glad to not be another Bob Roberts again. Julius has a similar sort of uniqueness as a name like Madonna, right? Although I hear it being given to lots of kids in Holland lately. Is it because they all want their sons to become like me or..?

Penis Vagina and me, in the sixties
Reproduction time!    Look at those cool cars!
This is in Park Arenberg, de Bilt, visiting the grandparents

My parents are Els de Graaf and Guus Thyssen. They are both born in the Netherlands, but it's rumoured that I have a little spanish blood and some of the extremely wealthy German Thyssen-branch somewhere deep inside me from my father's side (this does not mean that he is rich, or he has kept this a secret, sometimes he can get suspiciously generous..). From my mother's side I have blood from real dutch sailormen and people being of noble-birth flowing inside of me. At least these are all things my parents told me over time.


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